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About Us

Lichter Realty, Inc. offers premium commercial, industrial, office and retail space to meet the demands and needs of growing businesses in Chicago. We strive to build partnerships with our tenants, while managing our buildings with a long-term vision.

For over 30 years, Lichter Realty, Inc. has been developing commercial, industrial, office and retail real estate in Chicago. We have worked with hundreds of business from local to multi-national organizations, including a wide range of industries. Our company has owned and developed over a million square feet within the city and we currently manage over 100 commercial tenants. Our tenants, along with maintaining our properties with quality and care, are our highest priority. Our mission is to rebuild Chicago, one building at a time.

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About Us


As Principal, Lichter Realty, Inc. invests in commercial, industrial, office and retail space with a value-add, multi-tenant approach.

About Us


Our process is to correct any and all deferred maintenance, add as much utility as possible and create space with a contemporary design.

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We offer a wide range of inventory and a keen insight into the market. Our team handles everything from prospecting to negotiations to the delivery of a space.

About Us

Property Management

Our tenants and the properties they occupy are at the top of our priority list. We strive to maintain our buildings with a high quality of care and a long-term vision.

The Landlord Redefined

As a boutique firm, we have the opportunity to meet our tenant's needs with quality and care.
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