FH Orthopedics

FH Orthopedics

When FH Orthopedics set out to expand into the US, they needed a space to facilitate distribution of their product, continue research and development and training. The company’s headquarters are located in Mulhouse, France where they have been for over 50 years. With locations in France, Poland and the United Kingdom, FH Orthopedics has developed and manufactured a number of high quality prosthetics. Chicago is their first location in the United States. Here, they are focusing on Shoulder Arthroplasty, ACL Knee Fixation and Foot & Ankle products.

The team at FH was not aware of our company before touring the property in early 2015. Ray met with Jim and Janet and immediately knew he would be working with great people and a great business. FH is a fast-growing, international business in the strong and growing medical industry. This gave us the confidence to move forward on leasing them space.

From the beginning meeting with Ray and Tom we had a comfort level. We knew they were trustworthy men who stood behind their business.

Once the lease papers were signed, FH Orthopedics started an extensive build out. After many months of back and forth with the Chicago building department, construction was a go. We offered our support throughout the entire process to ensure complete satisfaction. FH Orthopedics designed and built a world-class space for their team. They work with a team of surgeons, innovators and researchers to develop products that increase patient wellness outcomes. They chose the space because they needed large warehouse space for training, research and distribution. We are pleased to see how far the company has come in their first years in the US. We look forward to many more.

Being an established company in France but still breaking into the US market, the team from Lichter Realty helped us to achieve our first major US footprint.