Old North Media

Old North Media

Old North Media consists of a group of experienced, talented and dedicated filmmakers. They are full-service storytellers and pride themselves on using a creative and visionary approach to every project. As a creative technology company, they need space and utility for a number of employees, computers, meeting areas and kitchen. Initially, Old North Media moved from an office in the Loop to our 800 square foot office space in Irving Park. Since joining our tenant community in 2015, they have grown exponentially – leading them to need more space.

Ray worked to maximize the space they had to offer within our budget.”

We were thrilled when they chose to work with us again in finding them the perfect space. They needed more square footage, an open floor plan office with tall ceilings and hardwood floors. Ray collaborated with them to create the space of their dreams in on of our bow truss style buildings.

“Lichter did a build-out for us and they were diligent in seeking to understand our needs an desires, while giving us helpful input where we were uncertain.”

We got them set up with a loft office space. The space already featured hardwood floors, private office areas and a full kitchen. We created an open floor plan and private screening area (with projector and screen) for potential clients. This small addition adds immense value to the space and to our tenant.

Old North Media

Because ¬†we’ve been in this business for over thirty years, we’ve built a strong network of vendors to help see out client’s needs. The network offers our tenants easy access to any number of needs, including HVAC, electricians, plumbing, signage and much more. Many of our tenants take advantage of this convenience, including Old North Media.

“Our relationship with Ray is more like a partnership or even a friendship.

This is why we love working with businesses like Old North Media. A great and solid relationship turns into a lasting one. We can’t wait to see how this company continues to grow in the space and make it their own.

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